Suspected endometrial cancer MindMap (BGCS)! ***FREE***

Dear all,

With a new timetable and exam dates by the RCOG, hope your revision is well underway!

As always, this is a good time to read and re-read the guidelines and topics that are hot with the college.

For those of you who are doing the Online, we will be releasing a new block of questions and a recent hot topic, you will get an email.

For those who are attending the Classroom courses in January, looking forward to seeing you then! Be prepared to put your preparation to the test!!!

Gynaepedia has gained popularity because of its MindMaps. Here is the latest offering!

Click here to get a MindMap on management of suspected endometrial cancer based on the recent British Gynaecological Cancer Society Guidelines.

We did a cheatsheet on this a short while ago, which was more detailed with numerical information. This is more like an EMQ-buster!

Good luck with your revision!

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Confidentiality (GMC 2017) Mindmap!

Congratulations to those who got through! Well done and keep going!

Those who did not make it – never give up! It is just an exam, in the grand scheme of things, 20 years from now, you will not even remember it! Get some rest, take a break, and when you feel ready, it will be time to get back to work.

Gynaepedia is famous for its Mindmaps.

They are a crucial part of our revision strategy. This time, we have one on the new GMC Guidance on Confidentiality. This mindmap is a brief outline but informative, useful for both MRCOG II and III.

Click here for access

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Gynaepedia team

Endometrial Cancer Guideline 2017 – British Gynaecological Cancer Society

Dear all,

Here is a new cheatsheet with a lot of SBA type material with all the latest numbers relevant to the Exam.

Click here to get new cheatsheet

This guideline came out with Ovarian Cancer guideline but not with as much fanfare, so not many know about it!

However, cancer is a topic the College loves, so it is worthwhile going through and getting some key facts and management principles in mind…. Not long left till January!!

Good luck with your revision!

Gynaepedia Team

Inherited Bleeding Disorders III – F11 & Platelets

Dear All,

Hope your preparations are in full swing, and you are clocking in every available minute!

Here is the last installment of this new mammoth guideline by the RCOG – this part covers Factor 11 and platelet disorders. Click the link below and enjoy!

All the best with the Exam!

RCOG Guideline summary – Inherited Bleeding Disorders Part III – F11 & Platelets

Gynaepedia team

Inherited Bleeding Disorders Part II – vWD, RCOG 2017

Hello all,

Hope your revision is going on full speed. Time is of the essence now. Practice, practice, practice is what you need.

Here is the next instalment of this latest RCOG guideline. It is a mammoth guideline with a lot in it! This is the second part.

Click here to access the summary

Enjoy and good luck with your revision!

Gynaepedia team

Inherited Bleeding Disorders – Haemophilia, RCOG 2017

Hi All,

Hope your preparations are well under way. With little time to go, this is the phase where you need to step up your efforts.

RCOG has released this mammoth guideline… 72 pages long!

It covers all inherited bleeding disorders. We have made 3 cheatsheets to cover the whole guideline. This one is Part 1. Make sure you check Parts 2 & 3 soon.

This guideline is new, so you may not get questions from it directly for the September Exam. However, the knowledge will come in handy, especially the numbers bit in the beginning.

Click here to download FREE summary of RCOG 2017 Guideline – Inherited Bleeding Disorders (Part 1 – Haemophilia)

All the best!

Gynaepedia Team


Dear All,

We trust that revision is well underway and you are getting in to the swing of things!

Please find attached the link for a Cheatsheet on the RCOG guideline on PMS from December 2016. PMS is always a good topic for the MRCOG Part 2 and a good one to know well for the OSCEs as well.

For those of you who have booked for the Online Course, well done! Now is the time to put your knowledge to the test and the questions are instrumental in developing a technique for the questions.

Those who have booked for the Masterclass in Torquay – See you in June. You will get all the study material on the day, just be prepared for the onslaught of questions!

Click here for free PMS RCOG 2016 cheatsheet

Good Luck!!!

GEM Team

Epilepsy in Pregnancy RCOG 2016

Dear All,

If you are planning to take MRCOG Part II in September, it is a good time to start.

Guidelines are the bread & butter for Exam questions. Deep knowledge of each and every guideline is essential, which means reading the fine print, and be aware of everything addressed in the guideline. Guideline questions can be tricky because they are extremely specific. On the other hand, good knowledge of the guideline will make it an easy process.

Anyhow, Epilepsy Guideline is good Exam fodder. Please find a cheatsheet on the topic.

Click here to access download and print free Cheatsheet on the topic

For those of you have booked for GEM, well done, study hard, trainfull of questions coming your way! See you in June!

For those who are doing GET Online, keep up the good work!

Good luck!

Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, TOG 2016

Dear all,

Not long left to go, hope you all have revised, re-revised and re-re-revised the important stuff… and are all set to go!

Next few weeks will be crucial, focus your revision, get good sleep, take breaks and drink plenty of water.

Here is a summary of a TOG article from 2016, there is not much new in it but the numbers will be good to note for SBAs and the like.

ICP TOG 2016 – Click here

You can also find this link on the Antenatal Care page.

Good Luck and keep going!

Gynaepedia Team