Suspected endometrial cancer MindMap (BGCS)! ***FREE***

Dear all,

With a new timetable and exam dates by the RCOG, hope your revision is well underway!

As always, this is a good time to read and re-read the guidelines and topics that are hot with the college.

For those of you who are doing the Online, we will be releasing a new block of questions and a recent hot topic, you will get an email.

For those who are attending the Classroom courses in January, looking forward to seeing you then! Be prepared to put your preparation to the test!!!

Gynaepedia has gained popularity because of its MindMaps. Here is the latest offering!

Click here to get a MindMap on management of suspected endometrial cancer based on the recent British Gynaecological Cancer Society Guidelines.

We did a cheatsheet on this a short while ago, which was more detailed with numerical information. This is more like an EMQ-buster!

Good luck with your revision!

Gynaepedia team


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