Breech RCOG 2017

Hello all!

Hope you are all well and ready for some global normality to return in some measure!

RCOG definitely is, gearing up for the next exam, and so are we!!

This time, for the first time ever, we are holding our much loved Gynaepedia Examination Masterclass – Online!!!

The same interactive format, the same Q&A no lectures, the same problem based approach, accessible to everyone. We are working hard to ensure we have the same high standards, and we have already got a lot of interest, locally and abroad. We will keep you posted.

Breech pregnancy seems to be hot with the college, and it looks like we never did a cheatsheet on it when the new greentop came out in 2017!

Anyway, here it is now!

Breech RCOG 2017

Have fun with it, keep up the good work!


Gynaepedia Team


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