Inherited Bleeding Disorders – Haemophilia, RCOG 2017

Hi All,

Hope your preparations are well under way. With little time to go, this is the phase where you need to step up your efforts.

RCOG has released this mammoth guideline… 72 pages long!

It covers all inherited bleeding disorders. We have made 3 cheatsheets to cover the whole guideline. This one is Part 1. Make sure you check Parts 2 & 3 soon.

This guideline is new, so you may not get questions from it directly for the September Exam. However, the knowledge will come in handy, especially the numbers bit in the beginning.

Click here to download FREE summary of RCOG 2017 Guideline – Inherited Bleeding Disorders (Part 1 – Haemophilia)

All the best!

Gynaepedia Team


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