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How to use Gynaepedia

Gynaepedia has a wealth of resources which are available absolutely  free of  charge.  The material is free to share based on principles described hereThere are over 80 Guidelines and Topics in Cheatsheet format (see below) for quick grasp and memorization.


There is heavy usage of abbreviations all through Gynaepedia for the sake of brevity and simplicity. Some of the abbreviations you might be familiar with while others you may not know. Click here to see our list. Please keep this handy as you are likely to need it frequently, eventually less so with use. If there are any that are not in the list, please leave us a message below and we will add it in.


The idea behind a cheatsheet is that the entire guideline or topic is distilled into an A4 page. That is why the font will vary in some of the Cheatsheets. We hope that this format makes these readable, accessible and more amenable to memorisation.


This page is split into  sub-menus i.e. Antenatal, Intrapartum, Postnatal, Neonatal and CEMACH.

Antenatal includes all conditions that have the potential to occur in the antenatal period. If a condition spans the entire period  of pregnancy, it has been listed here by preference. This page is the bulkiest of all and contains most cheatsheets.

Neonatal contains some important neonatal information relevant to the exam.


This page is split into Benign Gynae, Fertility, Pelvic Floor, Oncology and Reproductive Health.

Benign Gynae includes topics like Early Pregnancy, Paediatric Gynaecology and Menstrual Disorders

Oncology contains both cancer and pre-cancer conditions. If a condition is linked to cancer, it will be on this page preferentially.

Reproductive Health includes both Gynaecological Infection and Family Planning. This might seem odd to Non-British Candidates. In the UK, Family Planning, Sexually Transmitted Diseases are regulated by  Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health. They produce excellent guidelines on these topics and are therefore clumped together.


Non Clinical Stuff

This page includes non-clinical but very relevant topics for the  Exam. They cover Statistics, Ethics, Consent and Law. We are generally less aware of these topics and these are College favourites for EMQs. These topics are further covered in full detail in EMQ format at GEM.

Have fun!!!


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