GEM Online 9-10th May 2021- all set to go!

Hope you all are revising well for the Exam – not long left to go!

We are doing the GEM online for the first time – due to COVID. We are all set to go, see you at the end of this week – hoping for a very interactive, data crunching, >400 hot questions storm, guaranteed to give you an edge.

All the best in the meanwhile

Keep up the good work

-Gynaepedia Team


Breech RCOG 2017

Hello all!

Hope you are all well and ready for some global normality to return in some measure!

RCOG definitely is, gearing up for the next exam, and so are we!!

This time, for the first time ever, we are holding our much loved Gynaepedia Examination Masterclass – Online!!!

The same interactive format, the same Q&A no lectures, the same problem based approach, accessible to everyone. We are working hard to ensure we have the same high standards, and we have already got a lot of interest, locally and abroad. We will keep you posted.

Breech pregnancy seems to be hot with the college, and it looks like we never did a cheatsheet on it when the new greentop came out in 2017!

Anyway, here it is now!

Breech RCOG 2017

Have fun with it, keep up the good work!


Gynaepedia Team

Gynae Oncology Cheatsheet update!

Gynae oncology questions are always staple with MRCOG II.

The College loves simple questions on cancer staging, which can make easy marks if you have memorised features. New updates occured in cervical cancer staging with FIGO and it is time for those questions to make their way into the Exam.

Navigate to Gynae oncology and find the updated cheatsheet, free to download. Print it, stick it to your wall, and check it out everyday, there is a lot in it, but crucial for easy marks if committed to memory.

Keep up the good work!

Gynaepedia team

Multiple pregnancy NICE 2019

Hello all,

Hope revision is now in full swing.

This will open a free downloadable PDF cheatsheet in a new window

There is a lot of new stuff here, time scales, discordance measurements etc, all these things are new. You will have to assess how it fits with the Exam format.

For those attending the Gynaepedia Examination Masterclass in 2 weeks – see you there!

Good luck and keep up the good work!

Gynaepedia Team

Gynaepedia Examination Masterclass 23-24 Nov 2019

Dear All,

Hope you have started some measure of revision. It is time to get underway with your strategy and aim for a comfortable pass in the Exam.

We are holding the Gynaepedia Examination Masterclass on 23-24th November 2019. It will be at The Grand Hotel, Torquay, UK.

As always, places are limited and we will not have more than 15 candidates. Please book early. See our webpage or email to book a place.

No lectures, no speeches. Only focused, interactive practice on high yield questions, 2 days of optimising your revision strategy, to ensure that you gain maximum marks for the reading you do.

All the best!

GEM Team

Acute VTE in pregnancy RCOG, with 2018 update

Dear All,

Hopefully revision is going well.

VTE is always a favourite topic for with the College, and for the MRCOG as well. This cheatsheet has been a long time coming. The guideline came out in 2015, then they did some updates in 2018 with no major change in the guideline.

The cheatsheet has some important information, useful for both SBAs as well as EMQs. Concise information should help with revision. Link for free download is below

Acute VTE in pregnancy RCOG 2018

Keep up the good work!

Gynaepedia Team

Inherited Thrombophilia Part III

Hi All,

Hope your preparations are well under way. With little time to go, this is the phase where you need to step up your efforts.

RCOG released this mammoth guideline… Inherited Bleeding Disorders in Pregnancy… 72 pages long, and we split it into 3 parts.

This is the last instalment, it covers FVL, BSS, GT and functional disorders. The numbers are useful for SBAs, and light reading should be sufficient if any EMQs pop up.

Click here to go to the Antenatal Page, and scroll down to download your free revision cheatsheet.

All the best!

Gynaepedia Team