All topics are distilled into single A4 sheets, for easy memorisation, and picture-recall when solving questions.

If the topic is based on a guideline from a professional body, it will be displayed followed by the year of publication. All material is up to date. Hot topics are in simple A4 format.

Please get a list of abbreviations from here.

Feel free to download, copy and share!

Benign Gynae

Family Planning & Infection


Pelvic Floor

Gynae Oncology

Operative Gynaecology


5 thoughts on “Gynaecology

    • Dear Elissia,

      Ovarian cancer is very vast and a cheatsheet has not been made!
      We do discuss it in detail at GEM course and a strategy is explained to tackle all oncology questions.
      FIGO website is a good resource to get the numbers and classification.

      All the best with your revision!


    • Hello there!
      Archived topics are not listed anymore as the information contained in them is likely to be redundant for the exam.
      Exam questions test most current evidence which are likely to be from the most recent guidelines.
      Older guidelines and the information contained in them is best avoided as it will contain data not applicable to the exam, worse still, may confuse you when faced with a question where guidance is conflicting between the old and new.
      The most striking example of this was the Breast Cancer guideline which underwent a complete overhaul in its second edition.
      Sticking to the newest guideline is advisable from the exam perspective.
      Are you interested in the Old Guideline for the Exam or just out of interest?


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