Analgesia In Labour TOG 2015

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Hope you all had a good time, spent time with your families and are now all set to tame this Beast!

Analgesia in Labour was a good article in TOG 2015, makes a good source for questions for the exam.

Click here for a summary page

Make sure you memorise the numbers atleast, the rest is pretty good too.

Keep up with your revision, there is not much time left!

Those of you who are using GET Online, well done with all the work, revise revise revise…. that is the key, the more questions you do, the better it gets… look out for new mindmaps!

All the best

GEM Team

Red Cell Antibodies… RCOG Guideline

Hello all,

For those planning to sit the Exam in March, we hope revision is underway and going at a steady pace.

There is a lot to cover and there is a lot of time, so you have this window of opportunity, don’t miss it!

For those who were expecting the new cheatsheet last week, sorry about the delay! We are working full steam to launch the Gynaepedia Examination Training Online on Monday 21 November 2016…. so the resources were diverted!

Anyhow, here is the next cheatsheet. Click below to access it, you will also find it on the website in the Obstetrics> antenatal page.

Cheatsheet on RCOG Guideline on Management of patients with Red Cell Antibodies

It is a minefield of a guideline, but the summary should make it much easier.

We didn’t think you would get questions from here but they did come in the Exam, so it is an important one to do.

Finally, thanks to all those who have prebooked for GET Online. Due to the subsidised nature of the Course, we can only allow access to 25 candidates. Once access is gained, it will remain until the Exam in March 2017. You will get revision booklet posted to you to help tackle the questions and topics. Don’t lose out!

More than anything else, work hard, stay focused and give it your best!

Good Luck

Gynaepedia Team



Nausea & Vomiting in pregnancy RCOG 2016

Hello all!

It is time to get started with revision, for those planning to sit for MRCOG II in 2017. Time is of the essence and the valuable resource you have…. don’t waste it!

Who would have thought that the RCOG would make a guideline on Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy! That too, with the PUQE score!

Anyway, the guideline came out in 2016…. and here is the cheatsheet summary… to kickstart your revision. We would recommend you to memorise the numbers for the Exam, and some of the information as well.

Nausea & Vomiting in Pregnancy RCOG 2016

Thanks to all who sent ‘thank-you’ mail for the help you got from Gynaepedia. Good luck for the future!

We have had great success with Gynaepedia Examination Training (GET) Online… thank you for all your support and comments.

Direct access is available for the Taster Session on VTE in Pregnancy – based on the 2 RCOG guidelines. It costs £30, and allows you to master the topic completely, using specially designed Gynaepedia Mindmaps. Click the link below if you wish to try.

Taster Module VTE in Pregnancy RCOG GET Online

Enjoy your revision!!




Hello all!

As promised, here is a cheatsheet on Haemoglobinopathies in general, just to kick-start your revision!

This cheatsheet is NOT based on any guideline. But it is very informative and gets many principles sorted and important concepts clarified for easy memory. You are likely to use this in the Exam and in practice.

There are cheatsheets on the RCOG guidelines for Sickle cell and Thalassaemia. Please read those with this one. All three should cover the topic well!

Click here for a link to the Cheatsheet on Haemoglobinopathy

Next month, we will publish a cheatsheet on the RCOG Guideline covering management of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Who would have thought that we will have a national guideline for it!… But as you know, for MRCOG II, if there is a guideline, there could be question from it!



5 months to go?

Hello all!

Well done to those who sat the Exam last week! It is the time to relax and unwind, get your life back in routine. We hope you had some time off to chill out and feel the freedom!

For those who are just starting, this is it! Your paper has probably already been set!! Time to get a grip and tame your dragon!

The starting bell has just rung and it is time to get cracking. Like a quantum concept, MRCOG Part II is both easy and hard. It will depend on how you have prepared. One thing is certain, you want to sit this exam and pass, once and for all. We were pleased to know from the feedback we got that a lot of relevant topics we covered @ GEM Courses came in the Exam. That is good, but only useful if you were fully prepared.

Now is the time to start, steady pace, focused precise revision. Don’t go too aggressive, otherwise you will burn out. Organise your study, plan and go for it. It is actually 5+ months to go.

To help kickstart the revision, look out for the upcoming cheatsheets on Haemoglobinopathies and Vomiting in pregnancy!

Best wishes from Gynaepedia…. and keep up the good work!


Dear all,

All the best for tomorrow!

You have worked hard, be cool and enjoy it! You have our best wishes for tomorrow.

Do well and make sure that you take the time to relax, unwind, spend time with friends and family after the Exam. You have deserved it, no matter what the outcome!

GEM Team

Gynaepedia Examination Training ONLINE – Available for subscription!

Hi All,

We are very excited to launch Gynaepedia Examination Training (GET) Online!

The Modules will be launched as we progress, with the first one released today! This area will get populated slowly and if you have subscribed to Gynaepedia, you will get updates.

There is a fee to GET Online. That is because GET Online is simply an Online version of Gynaepedia Examination Masterclass which is held twice a year in UK. The price for each module will be displayed next to the module itself. The link will take you to the page.

Click here to go to the page for details, links and subscriptions!

All the best with your revision.

GEM Team


Management of Endometrial Hyperplasia RCOG

Dear all,

As the Exam draws near, we hope you are well into your revision!

Here is another cheatsheet on an emerging topic in current day practice, summarised from the RCOG guideline from 2015.

Click here to access the document

We are also working actively on the Online Course. We are very excited at this new development and hope that Gynaepedia will be able to help many candidates worldwide revise effectively for the exam. Colposcopy will be the first topic.

It will only be helpful for candidates planning to sit for March 2017.

Watch this space!