Red Cell Antibodies… RCOG Guideline

Hello all,

For those planning to sit the Exam in March, we hope revision is underway and going at a steady pace.

There is a lot to cover and there is a lot of time, so you have this window of opportunity, don’t miss it!

For those who were expecting the new cheatsheet last week, sorry about the delay! We are working full steam to launch the Gynaepedia Examination Training Online on Monday 21 November 2016…. so the resources were diverted!

Anyhow, here is the next cheatsheet. Click below to access it, you will also find it on the website in the Obstetrics> antenatal page.

Cheatsheet on RCOG Guideline on Management of patients with Red Cell Antibodies

It is a minefield of a guideline, but the summary should make it much easier.

We didn’t think you would get questions from here but they did come in the Exam, so it is an important one to do.

Finally, thanks to all those who have prebooked for GET Online. Due to the subsidised nature of the Course, we can only allow access to 25 candidates. Once access is gained, it will remain until the Exam in March 2017. You will get revision booklet posted to you to help tackle the questions and topics. Don’t lose out!

More than anything else, work hard, stay focused and give it your best!

Good Luck

Gynaepedia Team




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