5 months to go?

Hello all!

Well done to those who sat the Exam last week! It is the time to relax and unwind, get your life back in routine. We hope you had some time off to chill out and feel the freedom!

For those who are just starting, this is it! Your paper has probably already been set!! Time to get a grip and tame your dragon!

The starting bell has just rung and it is time to get cracking. Like a quantum concept, MRCOG Part II is both easy and hard. It will depend on how you have prepared. One thing is certain, you want to sit this exam and pass, once and for all. We were pleased to know from the feedback we got that a lot of relevant topics we covered @ GEM Courses came in the Exam. That is good, but only useful if you were fully prepared.

Now is the time to start, steady pace, focused precise revision. Don’t go too aggressive, otherwise you will burn out. Organise your study, plan and go for it. It is actually 5+ months to go.

To help kickstart the revision, look out for the upcoming cheatsheets on Haemoglobinopathies and Vomiting in pregnancy!

Best wishes from Gynaepedia…. and keep up the good work!


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