Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy

Hello all,

Here is a cheatsheet on a vital topic that is favourite with the College. We will discuss it in detail if you are coming for the GEM Course, where you will also get a lot of practice with questions. In the end, you should have mastered this topic and decimate any questions you get on this!

In the meanwhile, get cracking with revision!

Please use this cheatsheet if you think it will be helpful with your preparation. Feel free to download, copy and share!!

Click here or on the link below or navigate to ‘Obstetrics‘ page and find it in ‘Antenatal

All the best!!!

GEM Team


3 thoughts on “Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy

    • Hello there!
      There are a few GEMs coming up. Feedback from past candidates suggests that the sooner in your preparation you attend GEM, the more impact you can make on your score and get a comfortable pass.

      The dates are :

      5-6 December 2015, The Course programme is due be mailed to candidates shortly

      9-10 January 2016, Seats available

      23-24 January, provisional date. 3 candidates have registered, once minimum 5 candidates have registered, the date will be confirmed.

      GEM is heavily interactive, maximum 10-12 candidates and you get intense question practice.
      We are confident that once you attend GEM, you will be looking at an easy pass mark.

      Good luck with your revision, let us know if you have any queries.


  1. All the dates are in Leeds.
    GEM is mostly crowdfunded, we trialled a GEM in Dubai which is feasible if there are enough candidates.
    If you work in a place where there are a few people wanting GEM to come to your city, please post back with details and we will look it up!


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